Corpus Christi Academy: Frequently Asked Questions

CCA will provide an integrated curriculum focusing on great ideas, the liberal arts, and conversations guided by expert faculty. A student’s study of primary sources in history will correspond to the literature he is reading, which will integrate with his study of math, science, and language. Our curriculum aims to capture the natural curiosity of students and guide them toward virtue and wisdom. Just as the Holy Spirit enkindles in our hearts a desire for the Lord, we hope to ignite in our students a desire for truth, beauty, and excellence.

The nature of an integrated education has been forgotten in modern philosophies of education but is crucial to developing a well-ordered mind. All subjects will be selected with the goal of cultivating effective rhetorical skills and clarity in writing. Beginning with a survey of Ancient civilizations, our students will not just read textbooks, but will analyze primary sources produced by great thinkers of the era. Each year the students’ study will move through the next era of history, learning from the writers themselves.

“Religion” will be more than just a subject in the day, since God’s plan for creation can be studied in the order of a math problem, the beauty of sacred art and music, & the expression of the human condition in history and literature. We also envision engaging with the local community through service projects, experiencing beautiful art, or a hearty outdoors experience to enjoy God’s creation.

Our founders passionately believe in providing our children with a classical education. A key to that education is robust discussion with peers and guidance from faculty mentors as these students grow into young men and women. Our vision includes small cohort-style classes heavy on intellectual conversations in the Socratic style.

We value a low-homework model to honor the primacy of the family. Extracurricular activities will grow organically based on the interests and involvement of the first class.

The great thinkers of antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and our Founding Fathers were all educated classically. Today, classical schools are experiencing a revival in cities all over the country. The movement is flourishing with families like yours who are looking for another option to provide those lost tools of learning from previous generations.

While the idea of a classical education is not new, we understand the idea of sending your child to a new school can be frightening. However, the Good Soil Report reveals that classically educated students not only thrive in college but in their professional lives as well. As a member of our founding classes at Corpus Christi Academy, your family can participate in the creation of an excellent school for years to come. Our classes will have a fulfilling intellectual experience rooted in the deep friendship created by a small group all committed to excellence.

Yes! CCA is robustly Catholic, sharing in the daily and annual liturgical rhythm of the Church. Christ is at the heart of our school. Students will have frequent opportunities to receive the Sacraments. Through subjects such as music and art, our school will rely on the centuries of Catholic thought and worship to shape students’ minds and souls. Corpus Christi is a Roman Catholic parish of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, a non-territorial diocese in which the patrimony of Anglican liturgy and spirituality is preserved. In addition, we have the support of the Bishop and Diocese of Charleston.


CCA is opening its doors in fall 2022, with 3 distinct phases (see below).

Phase 1 will be a freshman year class. If there is enough interest from families, we may open with sophomores as well.

Phase 2, beginning in fall 2022, will see the opening of a traditional school with both full-time freshman and sophomore classes.

We will add an additional grade every year until we have a full high school (Phase 3).

Our initial building, which is owned by the Diocese of Charleston, will be a small, community centered meeting place in West Ashley with plenty of outdoor space.

Tuition aid for some families will be available, based upon achievement & financial need. If you have any concerns, please reach out to us to discuss your options.

Yes, eventually CCA will be fully accredited. We are currently looking into accrediting agencies to see which option will be the right fit for our classical, Catholic school.

We invite you to meet the founding members of this movement in Charleston. Please fill out the contact information form on our main page. We would love to hear from you!

“quaecumque sunt vera, quaecumque pudica, quaecumque justa, quaecumque sancta, quaecumque amabilia, quaecumque bonae famae, si qua virtus, si qua laus disciplinae, haec cogitate.”

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