Thank you for your interest in Corpus Christi Academy! We are happy to be sharing our vision of Classical education with you. In this update, you can findNicole-Headshot our first Pelican Student Spotlight, Frequently Asked Questions, and other relevant information.

But first: why Classical education?

Classical education grounds students in truth, providing an introduction to beautiful, high quality texts from a rich tradition that has stood the tests of time. C. S. Lewis emphasizes the importance of exploring the classical tradition: “Every age has its own outlook. It is especially good at seeing certain truths and specially liable to make certain mistakes. We all, therefore, need the books that will correct the characteristic mistakes of our own period. And that means the old books.” We don’t have to believe in the Greek myths to appreciate the themes of hospitality and honor in Homer’s Iliad. And the classics are texts that can be read again and again. As Italo Calvino says, each reread “is as much a voyage of discovery as the first reading.” Each time we read the ancient epics we set out on a new, exciting voyage.

Corpus Christi Academy offers students the opportunity to ask the important questions: What is the good life? What does an ideal society look like? What is my role in this world? Ultimately, the classical tradition opens up new possibilities to all of us, as we explore the answers offered by those who have gone before us and craft our own responses to these questions. In a year that has presented unique challenges, let us keep the words of Andrew Kern in mind: “What could be more necessary in a year of upheaval and uncertainty, in a year of vitriol and vice, in a year of falsehoods and fear, than the wisdom found in pursuing Truth, Goodness, and Beauty?”

May God bless you in this Christmas season.


inaugural cca eventOn September 17th, Corpus Christi Academy hosted a dessert & wine reception at St. Mary of the Annunciation. Despite the blustery weather from a hurricane, we had an excellent turnout of interested families and donors. Dr. Nicole Koopman, Head of School, presented on Classical, Catholic education and the mission of CCA.

Pelican Student Spotlight: Sean Groeber

Can you tell us about your family? My parents are Erin and Cody Groeber. I have four younger siblings: James (10), Annalisa (8), Finbar (5), and Hugo (2).

What is your favorite spot in Charleston? The top of the Ravenel Bridge.

What is your favorite food? Meat. In any form.

Favorite Book? The Three Musketeers, because Dumas was such a genius that anything by him is a masterpiece, & most of what he wrote fit into a grand history of France composed entirely of historical fiction. It, and all of what he wrote, has so many layers and is constantly using and shaping history to his advantage, while completely preserving the history itself.

Favorite hobbies? Swimming; cards; playing the stock market; reading; hiking.

If you could start any club in high school, what would you choose? A CrossFit club instead of P.E. for more quality workouts.

Why are you excited to attend Corpus Christi Academy? I’m excited to attend CCA because it will be a Catholic high school with faith integration, such as the Theology class taught by my parish priest, Fr. Patrick Allen, who is an excellent preacher. Another thing I am looking forward to is advancing my Latin studies with an expert teacher in a real classroom and class discussion. Corpus Christi Academy will also be a classical school, with meaningful, intelligent conversations that I want to have.

What would you say to students who might be interested in attending? I would say to come to CCA to be a stronger, more faithful person. I would say come to CCA to learn how to think more deeply. I would say come to CCA and you will have more friendships that are closer inside and outside of the classroom. I would say come to CCA to have a better life.


When are you opening? Corpus Christi Academy is planning on opening its doors in Fall 2021.

What grades will you be starting with? We are beginning with a freshman class and will add an additional grade every year until we have a full high school.

Where are you located? After searching Charleston for possible locations, there have been exciting developments in West Ashley. More information will be coming soon!

Will there be financial aid? Aid for some families will be available, depending upon achievement & financial need.

What is your mascot? We are the pelicans, a beloved bird of the Lowcountry!

When will applications for admissions open? We will begin accepting applications in 2021. Mark your calendars!

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