New Catholic Classical Education Schools Advance as Pandemic Recedes

New in-person, hybrid and online schools in the Church’s tradition of the liberal arts and sciences are set to launch.

Written by Peter Jesserer Smith | Nation | April 9th 2021

CHARLESTON, S.C. — When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Catholic parents at Corpus Christi Catholic Church became more determined than ever to launch a new Catholic high school.

Now, Corpus Christi Academy is one of many new Catholic schools in the classical liberal arts tradition that are getting ready to launch this fall, with in-person, hybrid or even online education models.

“Classical education prepares students for their careers, through things like problem solving, creative expression and deep thinking. And it also provides them the sort of emotional tools to get through life as well,” Nicole Koopman, Corpus Christi Academy’s head of school told the Register. She said the new school is built on four principles of Catholic “sacred wisdom, sacred worship, sacred art and sacred music.”

“Corpus Christi Academy is going to offer this integrated experience,” she said. Instead of high-school education being seen as immersion in discrete subjects, Corpus Christi’s high-school students would see how the subjects of study relate to each other. “As Christians, we believe that all knowledge is ultimately connected and unified through our faith.”

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Sources: National Catholic Register

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